Commencing first monday every month for 10 days, plus workshops listed below.


June 1st to 10th. Initiation into Hermetics. Chiang Mai (10 day, 40 hour)

10 day 60 hour workshops – Chiang Mai. Located at a conference room outside the south gate of Chiang Mai university

July 6th to 15th – Elastic Force Chi Kung

July 20th to 29th – Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi

August 3rd to 12th – Internal Wing Chun

August 17th to 26th – Initiation into Hermetics

10 day 40 hour workshops, Chiang Mai.

September 7th to 16th. Elastic Force Chi Kung

October 5th to 14th. Intrinsic energies of Tai Chi

November 2nd to 11th. Internal Wing Chun

November 16th to 25th. Initiation into Hermetics ~ Sigil Magic

December 7th to 16th. Intrinsic energies of Tai Chi


January 4th to 13th. Initiation into Hermetics

10 day Chi Kung workshops – venue to be decided depending on numbers.

February 1st to 10th – Elastic Force Chi Kung – working with Jin and Chi

February 15th to 24th – Elastic Force Chi Kung – Advanced, Shen and Wuji (Akasha)

Tai Chi Instructor Certificate – 300 hours over 10 weeks

February 8th to April 16th – location, Osaka castle park, Japan.

Spring and Autumn workshops will be most likely be in Japan from 2021.