Commencing on the first or third monday of the month for 10 days, plus the workshops listed below.


10 day, 40 hour workshops in Chiang Mai. Located at a conference room near the south gate of Chiang Mai university

October 5th to 14th. Initiation into Hermetics

November 16th to 25th. Initiation into Hermetics ~ Sigil Magic

Due to the covid situation, I have canceled workshops in the Philippines. Courses will continue in Chiang Mai till February.

December 7th to 16th. Initiation into Hermetics


January 4th to 13th. Initiation into Hermetics

February Monday 1st to 10th – Elastic Force Chi Kung 

February Saturday 13th to 22th – Elastic Force Chi Kung – Advanced

Tai Chi 10 week instructors course to be held in Matsuobashi, Kyoto.

Monday 1st March to Friday 7th May – 10 week – 300 hour Tai Chi Instructors course. 30 hours per week. Venue is located 10 min walk from Matsuo-Taisha station. Training Monday to Friday, 3 hours morning, 3 hours afternoon.

Limited numbers on this course, my level of student interaction will depend on my health. Arthritis can get in the way occasionally as I am unable to stay on my feet for to long these days. Very likely to be the last Tai Chi Instructors course that I will conduct.

Airbnb is around $500 a month up, meals $5-15 at nearby restaurants. There are other monthly apartments listed on the net for the Kyoto area.

In the event that Japanese flights are not yet open, we will be training in Phuket.

After this date onwards I will be teaching one Hermetics workshop a year to give transmissions and keep in touch with everyone as i am retiring from public teaching to focus more on online courses and my personal practice. In the event that the arthritic symptoms subside, I may add a tai chi and chi kung workshop onto the yearly calendar.

Thank you