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Elastic Force Chi Kung is an internal development system designed by Sifu Mark Rasmus. The methodology is a synthesis of the Hermetic sciences with human movements to activate fascia and develop internal power.

The Elastic Force system can be applied to martial arts, sport, healing and many other fields.

Sifu Mark Rasmus studied the Hermetic sciences under William Cook Edward’s in the 80s. He began his martial arts journey in the 70s. These two areas synthesized over time resulting in the Elastic Force system.

How to start learning?

You can view our free content on our YouTube Channel or subscribe to our flagship courses via https://vimeo.com/markrasmus/vod_pages, https://mysterycollege.com/ or https://themartialman.com

Initiation into Hermetics Course:

This program covers the ten steps of Franz Bardon’s system with tips and tricks to get you faster success in the Initiation process. In addition, the course includes video updates with Q&A and guest teacher presentations. This course has over 240 in-depth lessons on the process of initiation. This course is the most comprehensive, practical resource on the Hermetic sciences available.

Sifu Mark Rasmus has lifted the veil and gives irreplaceable insight into the true internal of arts through both of his courses. What more can a passionate martial artist/hermetic practitioner look for.

Vishnu Sudheer

Elastic Force Chi Kung:

This comprehensive online Instructor Training Program created by Sifu Mark Rasmus offers in-depth instruction on Elastic Force Chi Kung and the internal arts. The video library comprising more than 560 videos is principle-based learning designed for teachers. Most of the knowledge taught in this program is usually closed-door information, as the video archive was filmed during workshops and instructor training courses. Therefore these video lessons contain invaluable knowledge based on profound internal principles proven to work with fast results.

The Building the ball exercise taken from this course […] in five days was more beneficial than the whole last year of my standing practice.

Karlo Bicanic

Tai Chi Masterclass:

Intrinsic energies of Internal Martial Arts
This course covers dozens of Intrinsic energies with an emphasis on the metaphysical principles upon with they are constructed.

The impact Sifu Mark has had on my journey of self-discovery through the “internal arts” has opened up the consciousness to a whole new level of awareness and perception! He was able to open the mind to the perception of release, Chi, Jin, fullness, and a few other things on the first session! Not that it resulted in sudden mastery, but the doors to a whole new level of experience were opened.

Joey Nishad

Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis.

Sifu Mark currently does not offer group or private instruction via Skype.

Workshops (also available online)

Course 1. Elastic Force Chi Kung.

10-day workshop 40 hours/4 hours per day.

Covering the fundamentals of the online Elastic Force Chi Kung course.

Cost: US$2500, return students $1500

Course 2. Intrinsic energies of Internal Martial Arts.

10-day workshop 40 hours/4 hours per day.

Covering the fundamental intrinsic energies of Tai Chi and other internal arts.

Cost: US$2500, return students $1500

Course 2 is optional in the learning process, the other courses are offered in sequence as a prerequisite before the next.

Course 3. Initiation into Hermetics.

10 day workshops 40 hours/4 hours per day.

Covering the fundamentals of the text Initiation into Hermetics.

Cost: US$1500

Course 4. The Practice of Magical Evocation.

This course covers the process of invocation and evocation as well as meditations on the planetary energies. The major focus is on the sun sphere.

10-day workshop 40 hours/4 hours per day.

Cost: US$1500

Course 5. Key to the True Qabbalah.

We invoke Levem, the founder of Qabbalah, from the sun sphere, directly learning from his presence.
This course introduces the 27 single letters on 4 planes resulting in 108 frequencies.

10-day workshop 40 hours/4 hours per day

Cost: US$1500

Course 6. Teacher’s Training.

This program introduces how to open a range of magic circles, give transmissions, rituals for amplifying students’ progress, and other fundamental teaching skills.

10-day workshop 40 hours/4 hours per day.

Cost: US$1500

Masters Circle

This is a yearly retreat for learning a range of new Hermetic skills. We introduce high magic, ritual magic as well as a series of new practices each year.
It’s is open to students who have completed all 6 previous courses.

Workshop schedule with Sifu Mark Rasmus

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