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Elastic Force Chi Kung is an internal development system designed by Sifu Mark Rasmus. It is a synthesis of the Hermetic science’s with human movements to activate fascia and develop internal power.

It can be applied to martial arts, sport, healing and many other fields.

Sifu Mark Rasmus studied the Hermetic science’s under William Cook Edward’s in the 80s. He began his martial arts journey in the 70s. These two areas synthesized over time resulting in the Elastic Force system.

How to start learning?

You can view our free content on YouTube or Subscribe to our 3 Vimeo channels.

Initiation into Hermetics

Tai Chi Chuan

Elastic Force Chi Kung

Our training is also available through https://themartialman.com/courses/

I currently don’t offer instruction via Skype.

May 2021

Practice of Magical Evocation  Intermediate level – Past students only

Sayulita, Mexico, Monday 10th to 21st May, morning and afternoons, weekends off.

Course content: Four elements, Akasha and light practices, opening a magic circle, invoking spirits and more.

Initiation into Hermetics – Sigil Magic

Sayulita, Mexico, Monday 24th May to 5th June, morning and afternoons, weekends off.

Covering selected exercises from the text Initiation into Hermetics, Sigil Magic and practical metaphysical skills development.


Hermetics and Chi Kung (Teacher training)

10 day courses, 4 hours per day

Small groups 4 – 6 people

Location: Japan or Thailand, parks, temples or small house.

Fees: US$2500, return students half price.

Who can attend: persons who have completed the online program and are committed to spiritual practice. The training is designed for teachers to improve their energy transmission abilities. You should be currently teaching or planning to teach in the near future. If you drink alcohol, use drugs or have other lifestyle problems, this course is not for you.

There will only be a small number of courses in 2022.

Enrolment process

Step 1. Ensure you are committed to your spiritual work before applying.

Step 2. If you wish to attend, email me with an introduction, your age, spiritual background and reason for wishing to receive training.

Step 3. Please confirm dates, location before purchasing your airfares.

Step 4. Deposit your training fees into my account to finalize your booking.

email: rasmustaichi@gmail.com