Welcome.  Thank you for joining me.


I've decided to continue training members of the general public for 3 more years before I retire to Japan, where I will only teach existing students.


I'm currently accepting applications for training in Chi Kung and Hermetic Magic.


Each class is limited to 12 students.


Serious seekers are welcome to apply.

Train with Sifu Mark Rasmus


Elastic Force Chi Kung and Hermetic Magic


Most of the skills and knowledge you'll learn in this training is considered 'closed door information.'


It would be extremely difficult and time consuming, if not downright impossible to gain such an in-depth learning experience anywhere else.


Here's what former students are saying:


Here's what former students are saying:


'The best advice I can give you is to go train with Mark Rasmus. He is very experienced with Hermetics and he currently is running a full time school that is really something quite special.'   - Robert, USA

'In my 30 years of training this material his is the best, most open, and least cultist organization I've found. In general these things really don't last very long, usually a handful of years, and I would strongly advise your taking advantage of it while it is around.'   - Tom, USA

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About the Training Center


The Changmai Retreat is a mountain top training center where the air is clean and crisp, the stars are bright, and all kinds of magic happens...


More importantly, it's where dedicated students enjoy watching their skills grow considerably.  


Located in the mountains at 950m above sea level, next to a secluded Karen hilltribe village, we're just 2 hours from Chiang Mai city and only 70km from Chiang Mai airport.






Cabins and facilities are very simple, 'glamping style'. (Glamourous camping)


Built by local tradesmen, the construction keeps in theme with the village.


Food is grown onsite on our organic farm.


Additional food is bought from local growers in the village...


The royal project (mostly organic) or the local markets.


Courses commence at the Chiang Mai Retreat on the first Monday in March 2019.


To apply for training and see if space is available, please send me an email me at