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We offer courses in Elastic Force Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Internal Wing Chun and Hermetic magic in Thailand. (Occasionally Japan)

Elastic Force Chi Kung is an internal development system designed by Sifu Mark Rasmus. It is a synthesis of Hermetic science’s with human movements to activate fascia and develop internal power.

It can be applied to martial arts, sport, healing and many other fields.

Sifu Mark Rasmus studied the Hermetic science’s under William Cook Edward’s in the 80s. He began his martial arts journey in the 70s. These two areas synthesized over time resulting in the Elastic Force system.

To view our online training videos visit YouTube.com or Vimeo.com

How to start learning?

There are monthly 10 day workshops, mostly taught in small groups from my home, at the retreat in Chiang Mai or from conference centers. If you are interested in training, subscribe to my vimeo channel. It is $350, which is deducted from your training fees when you attend a workshop. (PayPal directly to me and I can send you a VIP access code) This will give you a headstart and allow me to focus more on the advanced teachings during the workshops. Fundamental exercises are taught in the vimeo course. Intermediate and advanced skills are taught in person through touch.

Fundamentals on the online Chi Kung course are now completed, with intermediate and advanced videos being added. I will soon commence the online Hermetics, Tai Chi and Wing Chun courses. After they are completed I will mostly retire from public teaching and only be available for 1 or 2 workshops a year on each topic. I expect the online courses to be finished in 2022

Workshops are 10 days, 4 hours per day usually starting on the first Monday of the month. Small groups of upto 6 people are usually taught at the retreat, local forest parks or temple grounds in Thailand or Japan. Larger groups at conference centers.

Initiation into Hermetics

The course covers the 10 steps of the text, Initiation into Hermetics, 1 step per day.

We practice each of the essential exercises, covering the underlying theory, backdoors to success and interconnectedness of each exercise. There is a focus on clairsentience as this is the easiest gate to open in such a short time.

These courses are usually taught in small groups at my home.

When workshops are taught at a conference center, with larger groups, the classes are a bit longer, 2 x 3 hour sessions a day.

Elastic Force Chi Kung

Chi kung exercises include:

Jin/Vital force exercises

Building the ball, pore breathing, washing the marrow, packing the marrow, loosening, standing practices, shunting power drills, rebounding force, 8 powers, 8 power stretches, 10 throwing exercises, electric and magnetic breathing, many others.

Chi/astral force exercises

Cultivating Chi, sinking the Chi, mobilizing chi, transforming chi, 4 element exercises, plus many others.

Courses are approximately 50% solo exercises, 50% partner exercises with content and depth adapted to the audience.

Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi

(open to students having completed the Elastic force course)

10 day intensive course 60 hours (2 × 3 hours a day) when at a conference center. 40 hours, 4 hours a day when conducted in a smaller group from my home or local park.

The course breaks down the metaphysical theory and practice of the listed intrinsic energies:

Listening energy, joining energy, sticking energy, interpreting energy, yielding energy, following energy, sinking energy, neutralizing energy, rebounding energy, seizing energy, intercepting energy, interrupting energy, long energy energy, short energy energy, shock energy, ward off energy, roll back energy, press energy, push energy, split energy, elbow stroke energy, shoulder stroke energy, pull down energy and others if time permits.

The course is almost all partner exercises.

Tai Chi Teachers certificate – 300 hours

This course is 30 hours per week over 10 weeks. Designed for people who wish to teach Tai Chi.

Course covers: 5 loosening exercises, yang style 37 form, 30 push hands sets, 30 intrinsic energies, dozens of self defence exercises based around the skill level of attendees. A range of Chi kung practices personalized to each person’s needs.

Internal Wing Chun Kung Fu

10 day intensive course 60 hours (2 × 3 hours a day) when at a conference center. 40 hours, 4 hours a day when conducted in a smaller group from my home or local park.

This covers an internal approach to Wing Chun. There are no forms. We cover the metaphysical principles underlying what makes an internal martial art and how that applies to Wing Chun.

Best to have done the Elastic force beginners and advanced training or completed the online course.

This course is predominantly partner exercises.