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be still and know that you are a vibrational match to THE UNIVERSAL MIND


Elastic Force Chi kung

This course covers the fundamentals of chi kung. 

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 days


Intrinsic Energies

Covering the inner structure of intrinsic energies of Tai Chi and other arts

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 Days



Essential exercises from the text Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardo

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 Days


magical Evocation

Fundamentals of Practice of Magical Evocation

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 Days

Keys to quabbalah

This course covers the 27 single 

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 Days

teacher training

Covers the fundamental of giving transmission

Course Duration: 40 Hours across 10 Days

Online Training

Upcoming Workshops

10 day workshops 

40 hours per course 

Elastic Force Chi Kung

October 2nd to 11th
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Intrinsic Energies of Martial Arts

October 16th to 25th
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Initiation into Hermetics

October 30th to November 8th
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Practice of Evocational Magick

November 13th to 22nd
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Keys To the True Quabbalah

November 27th to December 6th
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Teacher Training

December 11th to 20th
Chaing Mai, Thailand

Masters Circle

Teachers meeting, presentations on topics of practise.
December 21st to 31st

Push Hands (one off)

Covering 30 push hands sets

January 8th to 17th 2024

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

First workshop with Sifu Rasmus is US$2500, additional workshops are $1500, students completing all 6 workshops and are invited into the master circle which are free. Fees include instruction only, no accommodation or food included. If there is accommodation available at the venue, you will be informed.

No scheduled workshops for 2024.

Enrollment Procedure

Request availability via email

Once confirmed, deposit training fees into my account.

Any questions, please let me know.