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We currently offer courses in Elastic Force Chi Kung, Hermetic Magic and Tai Chi Chuan in Mexico, Thailand and Japan.

Elastic Force Chi Kung is an internal development system designed by Sifu Mark Rasmus. It is a synthesis of the Hermetic science’s with human movements to activate fascia and develop internal power.

It can be applied to martial arts, sport, healing and many other fields.

Sifu Mark Rasmus studied the Hermetic science’s under William Cook Edward’s in the 80s. He began his martial arts journey in the 70s. These two areas synthesized over time resulting in the Elastic Force system.

To view our online training videos visit YouTube.com or Vimeo.com

How to start learning?

There are monthly 10 day workshops, mostly taught in small groups from my home, at the retreat in Chiang Mai or from conference centers. If you are interested in training, subscribe to my vimeo channel. This will give you a headstart and allow me to focus more on the advanced teachings during the workshops. Fundamental exercises are taught in the vimeo course. Intermediate and advanced skills are taught in person through touch.

Workshops are 10 days, 4 hours per day usually starting on the first or third Monday of the month.

Initiation into Hermetics

The course covers the 10 steps of the text, Initiation into Hermetics, 1 step per day.

We practice each of the essential exercises, covering the underlying theory, backdoors to success and interconnectedness of each exercise. There is a focus on clairsentience as this is the easiest gate to open in such a short time.

These courses are usually taught in small groups at my home.

Elastic Force Chi Kung

Beginners Chi kung exercises include:

Jin/Vital force exercises

Building the ball, pore breathing, washing the marrow, packing the marrow, loosening, standing practices, shunting power drills, rebounding force, 8 powers, 8 power stretches, 10 throwing exercises, electric and magnetic breathing, many others.

Chi/astral force exercises

Cultivating Chi, sinking the Chi, mobilizing chi, transforming chi, 4 element exercises, plus many others.

Courses are approximately 50% solo exercises, 50% partner exercises with content and depth adapted to the audience.

Advanced Chi Kung program trains the mental body, Akasha/Wuji exercises, nondual light techniques. Content and exercises are adapted to the audience. I teach it differently everytime.

Tai Chi Instructors course

10 week – 300 hour Tai Chi instructors course. Which will include: Elastic Force Chi Kung Beginner’s course, 30 Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi course. 30 Push Hands sets course. 5 Loosening exercises, 30+ self defense applications. Laid out in order of importance. Mostly partner training.

The course is designed for teachers who want to teach an internal method that gets quick results. Beginner’s are welcome to join, but they may not be learning at the same rate as the more advanced students.