Training with accommodation and food:







1st month 90,000 baht, 2nd month 45,000 baht, 3rd month onwards 20,000 baht.

Return students, first month, 45,000 baht, additional months 20,000 baht.



1st week, 40,000 baht, 2nd week onwards 20,000 baht.

Return students, 20,000 baht per week.


20% discount for training only, without accommodation and food.


To enroll: email to confirm dates and availability.


Deposit 10,000 baht via PayPal using the above email to confirm your booking as our accommodation is limited. Balance of Payment upon arrival in Thai Baht. Present your fees to your teacher in an envelope with your name and amount written on it before commencement of training.


There are no Atms, or banks near the retreat, so you will need to convert your money at the airport. Thai airports have a very good exchange rate. There are currency exchange banks and shops in the center of the city as well. Automatic teller machines have a limit of 20,000 baht per day. People arriving at the retreat without money will obviously be turned away.


Our fee structure is designed to reward dedicated long term students with an affordable pricing structure. People staying over 3 months are also expected to put in twice the effort into training.