Online Training Program


This is the best way to get ready for live, in-person training at the Chiang Mai Retreat. 


Over 20 hours of info-packed training... an astounding 239 videos!


Most of the program content is considered 'secret' ... the type of information that's usually passed orally from Master to disciple.


To see all the amazing content you'll get (including free sample clips), click the link below now:


The energetic principle based learning system originally designed for teachers... Sifu Mark Rasmus' online internal energy training program will significantly benefit anyone.


The video footage was hand-picked from workshops and courses taught by Sifu Mark Rasmus in Thailand and around the world.


Good luck finding training of this caliber anywhere else!


US$350 gives you unlimited streaming and downloading for years to come


For future live students this amount will be discounted from course fees.


This also gives you Q & A via video reply.


I'm expecting to update approximately 100 videos a year for the next couple years.

Deposits to Paypal, use or use my email

After you have made the deposit send me a heads up and I will send you a VIP pass code.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed via email.