Welcome.  Thank you for joining me.


I've decided to continue training members of the general public for 3 more years before I retire to Japan, where I will only teach existing students.


I'm currently accepting applications for training in Chi Kung and Hermetic Magic.


Each class is limited to 12 students.


Serious seekers are encouraged to apply here.

Fundamentals – 1st week

Building the ball, pore breathing, tuning the fascia to life force, bone breathing, bone packing, muscle and tendon changing, 10 power stretches, 10 throwing exercises, electric and magnetic lines, rebounding force.

Intermediate – 2nd and 3rd week

Element breathing, fire, air, water, earth, 8 powers, 5 element set, 4 cycle breath, 1st transformation. Intrinsic energies of Taiji and other internal arts.

Advanced – 4th week

2nd transformation, Wuji/Akasha breathing, 3rd transformation, white light, healing light, methods of energy transfer.

4 Week Course Outline




4 week Course

This course covers the 10 steps of Franz Bardons book, Initiation into Hermetics.

Students completing the 4 week chi kung course are welcome to apply for training in Hermetics.