Elastic Force Chi Kung retreat courses in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Retreat courses commence on the first Monday of the month and runs for 4 weeks. Training is Monday to Friday 8 am till 12 midday. Weekends off. Afternoons for personal training and revision. 20 hours instruction per week.

January 6th to 31st

February 3rd to 28th

10 day 60 hour workshops – conference center to be decided in central Chiang Mai 1 month before the course as we will have a clearer idea of numbers

July 6th to 15th – Elastic Force Chi Kung

July 20th to 29th – Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi (1 Seminar only)

August 3rd to 12th – Internal Wing Chun (1 Seminar only)

August 17th to 26th Initiation into Hermetics (1 seminar only)

4 week retreat courses taught by Sifu Ludovic from March onwards. Stronger emphasis on healing, no fajin or martial training.

March 2nd to 27th (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

April 6th to May 1st (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

May 4th to 29th (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

June 1st to 26th (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

September 7th to October 2nd (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

October 5th to 30th (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

November 2nd to 27th (taught by Sifu Ludovic)

December 7th to January 1st (taught by Sifu Ludovic)


10 day workshops – venue to be decided.

February 1st to 10th – Elastic Force Chi Kung

February 15th to 24th – Elastic Force Chi Kung – Advanced

July 5th to 14th – Elastic Force Chi Kung

July 19th to 28th – Elastic Force Chi Kung – Advanced