Online Chi Kung and Tai Chi training program.

This course covers Chi Kung to lay the foundation, enters into Tai Chi afterwards. Cost is $350. Allows access for the life of the channel, but best to download and save all videos. PayPal the course fees directly to me and I can send you a VIP access code within 24hours.

  1. Building the ball sitting
  2. Building the ball standing
  3. Whole body pore breathing
  4. Electric and magnetic lines
  5. Push and pull
  6. Power stretching exercises
  7. Throwing exercises
  8. Shunting exercises
  9. Fire element standing
  10. Water element standing
  11. Air element standing
  12. Earth element standing
  13. 4 cycle breath

After completing these exercises you can cycle through the course in a linear fashion, or select topics of interest.