Elastic Force Chi Kung

10 day intensive course 60 hours (2 × 3 hours a day)

Chi kung exercises include:

Jin/Vital force exercises

Building the ball, pore breathing, washing the marrow, packing the marrow, loosening, standing practices, shunting power drills, rebounding force, 8 powers, 8 power stretches, 10 throwing exercises, electric and magnetic breathing, many others.

Chi/astral force exercises

Cultivating Chi, sinking the Chi, mobilizing chi, transforming chi, 4 element exercises, plus many others.

Courses are approximately 50% solo exercises, 50% partner exercises with content and depth adapted to the audience.

Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi (open to students having completed the Elastic force course)

10 day intensive course 60 hours

The course breaks down the metaphysical theory and practice of the listed intrinsic energies:

Listening energy, joining energy, sticking energy, interpreting energy, yielding energy, following energy, sinking energy, neutralizing energy, rebounding energy, seizing energy, intercepting energy, interrupting energy, long energy energy, short energy energy, shock energy, ward off energy, roll back energy, press energy, push energy, split energy, elbow stroke energy, shoulder stroke energy, pull down energy and others if time permits.

The course is almost all partner exercises.

Internal Wing Chun Kung Fu

10 day intensive course 60 hours

This covers an internal approach to Wing Chun. There are no forms. We cover the metaphysical principles underlying what makes an internal martial art and how that applies to Wing Chun.

Best to have done the Elastic force beginners and advanced training or completed the online course.

This course is predominantly partner exercises.